Friday, January 18, 2013

Helicopter Parenting vs Attachment Parenting

As Salam,

Baru minggu ni mami dengar pasal helicopter parenting
Itu pun kawan mami yang bagitau
Dia kata "Zam you ni helicopter parent lah -- over protective!"

Statement tu buat mami berfikir
Betul ke mami ni over protected 
Saya ibu yang terlampau?
Hmmm... rasanya tak kot...

Apa itu helicoter parenting?
Dari Mr Google
"Helicopter parents hover over their children constantly. Their unnerving supervision comes from the belief that by always watching and directing their children’s behavior, they will be able to keep their children from harm. Their children have no breathing room. Over-protected, they are suffocated by their parents’ fears and micro-managing."

Oh ini bukan mami! Pasti!
Mami bagi je Akeem buat apa2 yang dia nak
Janji benda tu tak merbahaya sangat.

Dan apa pulak attachment parenting?
Dari Mr Google juga
"Attachment parenting comes from a belief that if you fulfill your child’s needs when she/he is young, she/he will develop into an independent individual who can handle herself/himself with grace and confidence when she/he is ready. You, as a parent, are her/his pillar of strength when she/he is a baby. It is your job to teach her/him what she/he needs to know so that, one day, she/he is able to depend on herself/himself.
Attachment parenting demands a lot of close physical contact with your children but this togetherness is not hovering. The physical closeness with your child when she/he is young is to build her/his self-confidence so, as she/he grows, she/he will be able to go out into the world – independently"\

Mami yakin dan sangat pasti apa yang mami buat
More less adalah attachment parenting..
Tak percaya?

Psttt sekarang jiwa tak tenang
Nanti ada masa mami ulas panjang lebar lagi
In Shaa Allah.

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