Thursday, February 2, 2012


Its February already, sangat cepat masa berlalu. Just within a blink, tanpa sedar January has gone. January was history. Where are we? Still on track  chasing our dreams?

Since 2011’s achievement is more than what I’ve expected, this year more and more dreams will be turning into reality!

Dulu memang tak berani bermimpi kerana takutkan mimpi tinggal mimpi. Not now,everything seems possible!

1.             Promotion 

2.     Penuhkan Tabung Haji – 50K.

3.       Maintain 4 figures every month, and achieve 5 figures SOON 

4.       Umrah with family. 
       Insya Allah by Dec year end dapat pergi umrah sama2. Amin.

5.        To qualifiy ALL oversea trips offered. 
         First trip gonna be Vietnam and this year to enjoy as much as I can achieved! . And make sure i bring my business partners as well :)

6.      NEW RIDE 

OR some decent family car maybe Alphard?Thanks to Car Fund provided by the COMPANY!

7.       Shopping, shopping and shopping!!
       Normal lah tu kan..shoppings memang tak boleh dipisahkan..

So shoppings list akan bertambah day by day.

Memang nampak kinda imposibble kan,BUT everything start with dreams! Memang kita perlu bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ADA tapi kita juga tidak perlu and jangan sesekali berhenti BERUSAHA untuk membaiki kehidupan.

Siapa lagi yang mampu merubah keadaan kita kalau bukan kita sendiri?


Jangan takut nak berimpian. Sebab kalau kita tak dapat 100% of our dreams at least 70% would be enough right?

And the most important it is Free Of Charge.tak payah bayar pun.


we work in a team and as a team. We work together. We help each other.

Insya Allah if you willing to let us guide you, you can be like me too!

‘Be your own kind of beautiful’

Call me to guide you,
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